LG launches ND8520 docking speaker for Rs 20,990

LG Electronics has recently introduced a new product in its home entertainment portfolio. It is a docking speaker, the ND8520.

LG Electronics has recently introduced a new product in its home entertainment portfolio. It is a docking speaker, the ND8520.
“Smart devices have become a part of daily life. It’s now easier than ever for people to enjoy the content they’re interested in, whether it’s movies, online lectures, games, or anything else, whenever and wherever they are,” said SH Park, director-home entertainment, LG India. “This trend has created the need for a whole new breed of intelligent peripheral devices. LG’s docking speakers were designed with that need in mind. They integrate a range of advanced technologies into sophisticated, unique designs, and they make those technologies work seamlessly with smart devices.”
LG claims that being optimised for connectivity with Apple’s mobile devices, the ND8520 differentiates itself from the typical iPhone, iPod, and iPad speakers with AirPlay. Due to AirPlay’s wireless streaming capability, it is now possible to listen to music without the need of a wired connection or any additional devices. With AirPlay, users can also connect wirelessly to larger Apple devices, such as iPads and MacBooks.

LG launches ND8520 docking speaker for Rs 20,990

A new docking speaker from LG


LG claims that the ND8520’s interface allows for a new user experience. A simple smartphone-like touch interface lets users easily access and access the functions of the speaker, even entire libraries of music stored on external devices. For example, if the user swipes the screen, a menu for music playback is displayed, on the side, the Smart Square screen displays menus for other features, including a radio.

The ND8520 delivers sound out of its 2.1 channel 80W speaker. LG claims that the speaker generates strong bass with a built-in woofer and minimizes sound loss, resulting in sound that is both crisp and rich in depth. The ND8520’s cube design is designed to compliment a bedroom or living room.
For connectivity and a wide variety of content options, the ND8520 also includes a USB port that supports MP3 and WMA playback. An FM radio is also built in, along with an alarm clock. All of these features can be controlled using the speaker’s remote control as well as LG’s Bluetooth application, which can be accessed from a smartphone.

Other features of LG ND8520 Dock Speaker:

  • Sound: 80 W, 2.1 channels
  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • PBA (Precise Balancing Algorithm)

Wireless Technology:

  • AirPlay
  • Bluetooth Remote App


  • iPod, iPhone, iPad Direct Docking
  • Smart Square
  • USB Playback
  • Alarm Clock Radio
  • Portable-in

LG’s docking speaker, the ND8520 is available in India at a maximum retail price of Rs 20,990. 

The LG ND8520 comes equipped with the outdated 30-pin connector that had been compatible with previous generation iOS devices. Those interested in purchasing this speaker will need to buy a separate adaptor if they need to dock the iOS device to the speaker.

With Apple now pushing for the new Lighting connectors, it needs one to purchase an adaptor that can connect with devices such as the LG ND8520. Apple first introduced the Lighting connector with the iPhone 5 and the recently announced iPods.

However, if one does have a previous generation iOS device, then it should slot in well with this speaker.

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