Lenovo announces partnership with Project Tango VR chipmaker, Movidius

Movidius' chips already power Google's Project Tango hardware. However, with Lenovo's partnership things deviate a bit.

The announcement of Lenovo's partnership with VR chipmaker Movidius indeed comes as no surprise. The Chinese computer giant had recently announced it partnership with Google's Project Tango at CES 2016 and will in all probability, announce its first Project Tango smartphone for the masses at tonight's Lenovo Tech World event.

Movidius' chips already power Google's Project Tango hardware. With Lenovo however things deviate a bit. Lenovo is said to make use of Movidius' Myriad 2 VPU (Vision Processing Unit) in its VR (Virtual Reality) offerings. It is an ultra low-power chip that according to PC Mag is designed to power features like head tracking, gesture recognition and other VR basics. The bottomline is that the Myriad 2 is small enough to fit inside phones.

Talking about smartphones, Lenovo is expected to launch three in all at its Tech World conference which takes place in San Francisco on 9 June 10 AM PST (10PM IST). The smartphone range is said to include the first consumer-friendly Project Tango smartphone by Lenovo (Phab 2 Pro) and two other under Lenovo's Motorola brand. Motorola is expected to announce its flagship Moto Z smartphone that is expected to come with modular accessories similar to the LG G5 and will connect to the smartphone via a 16-pin connector on the back.

Last but not the least, Motorola is also expected to announce a successor to its RAZR flip-phone brand that company used to manufacture before the Android era. The brand was extremely popular amongst the youth back then and Motorola could indeed show up with a similar form factor with Android running inside. You can take a look at the teaser video released below.


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