Learning to code? Help yourself and others by participating in the biggest survey of new coders by Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp launches a survey just for developers starting out, intends to create an open dataset of results

Free Code Camp is the largest open source community of developers just learning to code. The aim of the organisation is to help participants practice coding, build their portfolios and help non profit organisations at the same time. They have a self paced open source curriculum and related resources at GitHub, which allows developers just learning to code to get four certifications. These are Front End Certification, Data Visualisation Certification, Back End Certification and Full Stack Certification. It is the only GitHub project with over 100,000 stars.

Free Code Camp, in collaboration with Code Newbie just launched a massive survey to better understand those who are new to coding. The survey is anonymous, questions can be skipped, and takes only 5 minutes to finish. Once the survey is finished, the entire dataset will be released to the public. More details on the how and why of the survey is available on this page.

If you just started coding, you can participate in the survey here.

The survey will continue to be live till Tuesday, but there is some information available from those who have already taken the survey. The results are updated in real time, the learning approach related questions are here, and the demographics data churning is available here. A whopping majority of new coders are male, most want to work for a mid-sized company, and only one in four new developers consume coding related podcasts.


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