Leaked: PowerColor Working on Dual GPU Graphics Card

Has 2GB GDDR5 memory and 2x8-pin power connectors.

In the quest for eternal graphics glory, manufacturers often pack in more than one GPU and it seems that PowerColor is doing exactly that and is working on its next dual GPU card.

Leaked: PowerColor Working on Dual GPU Graphics Card

Twice the power, twice the fun


The Dual GPU card, pictures of which were leaked by Semi Accurate, are said to be AMD Barts. Each GPU has 1GB of DDR5 memory and requires two 8-pin PCIe power connectors (which means serious overclocking capabilities). They also say that the Graphics Card in question could be called the HD6890 and is being developed to take a jab at the dual GF114s from NVIDIA. Powercolor is keeping more details in the dark at the moment, but have revealed that they will show off the new card at Computex which starts on the May 31 and goes on till June 4.

The use of dual GPUs in the graphics card is meant to bring performance as close to the current best single GPU solution, while at the same time keeping the costs as low as possible. If Powercolor wants to have a piece of the GPU market pie, it needs to keep its prices at par with two 6870s, or maybe lower.

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