Leaked image of red Nexus phone sparks excitement

Soon after the video showing an alleged new Nexus 5 in multiple colours made its rounds and was subsequently found to be fake, we saw a leaked image of Red Nexus 5 that looked more like the real deal. And now we can be a little more sure of the new colours, because the latest leak comes from the house of @evleaks, who also leaked the press renders of the original Nexus 5.


Going by evleaks' track record, we think the classy red device should be out on the Play Store soon. It's not yet clear whether there will be other changes in the phone's specs sheet, such as maybe a larger 64GB version or in terms of the camera. The last leak gave us a glimpse of the retail packaging with a red outline on the Nexus 5, hinting that the version may already be shipping to retailers. We also got a glimpse of the official markings such as the IMEI number, serial and batch numbers. Evleaks' press image shows that Google is not just painting the back and sides red, the earpiece grille also gets the same colour treatment, just like on the white Nexus 5.


All of it gives us enough reason to believe that the red dipped Nexus 5 is finally on its way. And why not? Colourful phone are something of a must-have for all companies these days. Call it the Apple effect if you will but ever since the colourful lineup of iPhones (the 5c especially) were launched, manufacturers have started adding a dash of colour to their devices. Gold, in particular, seems to have become a favourite. But we have to say the red used here is very similar to one used by Nestle for KitKat branding and this could be a limited edition KitKat Nexus 5.

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