League of Legends beta for Mac now open to all

League of Legends—the popular free-to-play game—has so far been hamstrung because of the lack of a version for Mac. But Mac users need not feel...

League of Legends—the popular free-to-play game—has so far been hamstrung because of the lack of a version for Mac. But users of Apple's operating system need not feel left out any longer, as Riot has announced the open beta for the Mac version of the game.

According to a post announcing the open beta, “Going native on Mac has been a big goal for us, and we’re really excited to offer the same experience across both platforms. And just in case you’re still skeptical, we managed to wrangle an endorsement from this business-savvy professional. We’re confident you all know that this man games as he pleases!”

The company states that the Mac client does everything that the PC client does, meaning it’ll get all features, bug fixes and new content on the same schedule as the PC client. A cross-platform team will also be working to smash any Mac bugs that surface during the open beta.

League of Legends is a MOBA-styled game developed primarily by ex-DotA developers. While it is a lot like DotA and clearly takes inspirations from it, League of Legends is fundamentally different. The game lacks many game mechanics present in DotA and adds some of its own. The game is also considered easier to learn and get into than its comtemporaries—Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth.

League of Legends is coming to Mac

League of Legends is coming to Mac


Much like DotA, most League of Legends matches consist of two teams with five players each. Both teams must battle it out in the arena—dubbed Summoner’s Rift—along three lanes. The aim of the game is to push past your opponent’s towers and eventually destroy his main stronghold, the Nexus.

The game is free-to-play and the only things inaccessible with in-game currency are the special character skins that the developers have created. Everything else can be bought by using in-game currency—Influence Points—which is earned by playing matches. Players can also buy heroes using real money.

Another major difference between DotA and League of Legends is the persistence in the players’ accounts. Players have skill trees, dubbed Masteries, which they can use skill points for in-game bonuses. Levels are capped at 30, which means players have a total of 30 points to distribute among the skill trees.

You can grab League of Legends from its official website.

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