Kindle Spammed!

The popular e-book reader, Kindle’s existence is facing a spam threat.

The popular e-book reader, Amazon Kindle’s existence is facing a spam threat. The spam has been actively eating into Amazon’s publishing activities. It is a known fact that Amazon’s self-publishing system is responsible for bringing out each of Amazon’s e-books every single month.

Kindle Spammed!



Now, with the spam making its way into the system, the whole process of self-publishing has gone haywire.  The online store is now being bombarded with sub-standard content on the same space that Amazon uses to put up its traditional fare. The spammers are offering their fare for 99 cents. As also, since they have the ability to publish 10 books a day, the chances of readers picking their books instead of Amazon’s is high.

The spammers are also letting out, what they call Autopilot Kindle Cash, which is a tutorial of sorts teaching aspiring spammers how they can publish 10 – 20 books a day. This only means that the next time you’re scanning through the list of titles, it’ll take longer before you finally get that e-book you were looking for.


Source: Reuters

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