Killzone 3 DLC Incoming

Head back to Helghan for more multiplayer mayhem via Killzone 3's first batch of DLC.

Nearly a month after its release, Guerilla Games is all set to unveil the first batch of DLC for their shooter, Killzone 3. Unfortunately, it’s multiplayer only and consists of two maps inspired by the single player campaign.

Game Type: Guerrilla Warfare (16 players)
Fight in this Helghan junkyard as either the Helghast or ISA as both teams struggle to take control over war supplies. Jet-packs and exoskeletons are featured in this map.

Killzone 3 DLC Incoming

Eat knife



Stahl Arms
Game Type: Warzone (24 Players)
Set at Stahl Arms research facility, ISA forces have been given the go for an attack on Helghast forces and an attempt to rescue ISA prisoners.

Steel Rain (that’s what the DLC’s called) will be available exclusively for the PS3 via PSN by the 29th of March 2011. For more on the game, head on over to our review.