Kane and Lynch Casting Finalized

Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx cast in movie adaptation of Kane and Lynch.

Hot on the tail of the Kane and Lynch 2 release date is the confirmed casting of the movie that’s been in talks for quite some time now. As rumor speculated Bruce Willis is all set to play the titular family man turned mercenary Kane and Jamie Foxx will step into the boots of psychopath Lynch.

Not that I like being Captain Obvious or racist but I don’t think the producer ever played the game because he totally ignored the fact that Lynch was white. It’s like casting Tom Hanks to play the lead in a movie based on San Andreas.

Kane and Lynch Casting Finalized

We’re still in the dark as far as the plot’s concerned but apparently Willis is pretty happy with it and claims it’s "one of the best action scripts he's ever read".

As long as the movie has John McCLane’s seal of approval I think we’re good to go.

Via Shacknews.

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