Jurassic Park Blu Ray Expected this Year

Steven Spielberg's masterpiece getting Blu-Ray treatment this year.

After laying dormant for a while now, Jurassic Park is back in the news once again. First we have word of a new game, courtesy of Game Informer. And now, according to an interview conducted by French site, Ecranlarge, Jurassic Park will be out on Blu Ray this year. Details are slim but the interviewee, marketing director for Universal France claims the disc would be full of extras like never seen before behind the scenes footage, a special "making of" feature and lots more.

Jurassic Park Blu Ray Expected this Year
HD Dino action FTW!

In all probability Universal may also release the entire trilogy in addition to stand alone releases. Either way, this is awesome news for fans of the franchise who’ve been clamoring for some dino action in HD.

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