John Carmack Talks Doom 4

Doom creator John Carmack sits down with Gamespot to talk about id's plans for Doom 4.

Doom 3, id's highly anticipated shooter received mixed feedback where some gamers loved it but most hated on it.  But that was nearly seven years ago. Over the years, there have been rumors regarding its successor but apart from an official annoucement back in 2008, we got squat. And now that id are nearly done with RAGE, John Carmack breaks the silenece (well kind of) in an interview with Gamespot.

John Carmack Talks Doom 4


No official date on Doom 4 launch yet



While Carmack didn't go into specifics, he did mention that id would begin work on Doom 4 as soon as their current project was completed. He also spoke about the frame rate limitations set for Doom 4. Apparently the single player version of the game would run at 30 fps while multiplayer would be locked at 60 fps. This has obviously been implemented to help consoles cope with the processing load when there are 30 characters crawling all over the place.

There's really not much in here for the Doom fanatic but it's good to know that id will now concentrate all their resources on the game. Hopefully we can expect some sort of footage at this year's Quake Con.

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