JK Rowling surprised a Kashmiri girl with a Hogwarts letter-equivalent gift box

OMG! These Kashmiri kids are living my dream!!

Get aside muggles, this is serious business! Kashmir’s Kulsum, is living our dream. She has received the acceptance letter from Hogwarts!

Alright, not exactly the letter, but a definite equivalent of it.

The mother of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, responded to Kulsum’s fan letter to her in the most awesome, and amazing way, and I am crying here, honestly.

Like all of us have, (or have thought of about it at least) Kulsum, a 12-year-old young Kashmiri student, also wrote a heartfelt letter to Rowling. But, like it happened for most of us, sadly, Kulsum also probably thought hers would too get lost in the sea of letters.

But little did Kulsum know, a twist of fate would get her the response of her life!

Twitter user, Sabbah Haji Baji, shared that letter and tagged Rowling in it, AND SHE REPLIED!


And and and, soon after this, Kulsum and her entire class received huge boxes of Harry Potter goodies from the author.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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