It's about time we abandon our outdated jeans and move to these 21st century digital lifestyle denims

Does your jeans cater for your digital life? Ya, that’s because they are 19th century workmen jeans!

We have a case for our phones, we have those popsockets, we have phone purses, there are now dedicated pockets for phones in bags. Basically, phones have become a factor in designing so many products we use in our daily lives. But you know what doesn’t include phone as a factor? Denims!

The 3X1 and Joe Doucet jeans.

The 3X1 and Joe Doucet jeans.

Where am I supposed to keep my phone when I am not using it? It fits in the back pocket, but that’s not the most comfortable, and the front pocket doesn’t always hold the phone properly. For that matter, so many denim brands don’t even make pockets in the front of the jeans for women. This is a real issue.

We are wearing outdated 19th-century workmen jeans with five pockets, and they are useless. Who has ever used a coin pocket in their lives, ever? Who are you, come forward!


Then, what are the jeans for the tech-savvy 21st-century humans, you ask? Well, luxury denim company 3×1 and fashion designer Joe Doucet have partnered on a re-imagined pair of jeans designed for the “21st-century life.”

Doucet says, he has updated jeans “technology to accommodate how we work and live today.” And that’s what we really wanted, Doucet.

Alright, but what’s making these jeans relevant for the “current times”? It’s the pockets.

The overall aesthetics of the jeans are essentially the same, but Doucet and 3×1 have converted the jeans pockets from denim to a microfiber. The pockets have a slant cut so it is easy to fit a device into it, and the microfiber ensures that your phone’s screen doesn’t get scratched when it’s in your pocket.

Additionally, they have also reimagined the coin pocket (THANK GOD). That little pocket has now been enlarged to be useful and accommodate credit cards. Better yet, the coin pocket is made from an “RFID blocking fabric” so no one with the proper tools can walk by you and steal your credit card information through radio frequencies.


Also, the jeans has an 8-inch strip on the back of the leg, stuck on the inside. So when you cuff them, the strip will work as a reflector, and drivers will be able to see when you walk on the road or ride a bike at night. This is crucial for India. Our most basic clothes need these, to be honest.

Reflectors on the back of the jeans.

Reflectors on the back of the jeans.

So are you totally impressed by the jeans at this point?

I am a sadist and I am really going to enjoy later imagining your face when you read the price of the jeans. It costs $395. For the ones bad at math, that comes down to Rs 27,000.

Ok? Bye!

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