iPhone Photography - Professional Photography in Your Pocket

You don't have to be a professional photographer. Just dig in to your pockets for some fun.

iPhone photography, or iPhoneography is becoming more and more legit and there are already 'professional iPhoneographers' out there like Max Berkowitz and Daniel K. Berman, whose photos are available for printing at home, ordering post cards as well as framed images. The obvious advantage of iPhoneography is that it counts as photography while clicking and editing pictures takes a total of five minutes.

Every iPhoneographer has their list of favourite applications but here are a few to get you started. None of these need you to be a professional photographer or know every single photography term, but they do require you to have a basic sense of aesthetics, shot composition and above all, fun. I'm warning you though, some of these apps tend to burn a hole in the wallet but hey, this way's a lot cheaper than shelling out on an SLR and editing software.

The Touted Basic - Hipstamatic
Hipstamatic (if you haven't heard about it already) is an application that gives your photos a vintage effect through a variety of in-application lenses, film stock and flash options. The application itself costs $1.99 (Rs. 89.71) and comes with 3 lenses, 2 types of film and 2 types of flash. Additional Hipstapaks can be bought for 99 cents. Despite the cash-cow-ness of the application, it's pretty good to use to get started with iPhoneography. Here's a tip, the John S lens works well when you're shooting a well lit picture, while the Kaimal lens works well in darker situations, particularly bars and other indoor dark places. Here's another tip (can you handle your lucky day?), Lo-Mob (also $1.99, Rs. 89.71) is a nice alternative to Hipstamatic, adding vintage effects to your pictures. However, Hipstamatic promises you the experience of actually taking a picture from a vintage camera, i.e. it's not an editing program. You take the picture after you choose the effect.

iPhone Photography - Professional Photography in Your Pocket
Takira regular and then Hipstamatic-ed

Fun With Crayons - ColorSplash
Colorsplash is a super fun application that allows you to manipulate the colour scheme of your pictures. It sells for 99 cents (Rs. 44.63) and can be used both on the iPhone and

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