iPhone app, KLiK identifies faces in photos

A new iPhone app is able to reveal the identity of your friends in any photos that you take. The app is called KLiK ...

A new iPhone app is able to reveal the identity of your friends in any photos that you take. The app is called KLiK and it performs real-time facial recognition, which means it can instantly identify and tag your friends in your photos. Gil Hirsch, the CEO of the facial recognition technology platform, Face.com, which is the company behind KLiK said, "It's our most recent evolution of both the platform and the consumer product that we're offering." The way the app works is that it connects to Facebook and then scans your friends' photos to create facial profiles of everyone in the user's network. The app then identifies people in the pictures you take by comparing them to the facial profiles created from Facebook.

iPhone app, KLiK identifies faces in photos

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Of course, the app doesn't work like Google Goggles. Hirsch says, "It's not like you can point this at someone on the street and make it work." Since the app uses your Facebook profile to scan people, it will only be able to identify people you have as friends on Facebook. For those who still have friends who are not on Facebook, the app comes with a learn mode with which it can learn the faces of those friends that you do not have on Facebook. Finally, as any good photo app should do, KLiK also contains Instagram like filters and photos can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.


The big issue that comes up with the way the app works is privacy. Hirsch, however says, "This system has been engineered from the get-go to preserve privacy and also deliver a social fun value and nothing creepy," in response to the privacy concerns that come up. Another service that Face.com has previously released is Photo Finder, which scans your friends' Facebook photos and finds pictures of you that you were never tagged in. The company also has technology for facial recognition, which does not come with privacy concerns, because while it can reveal gender, age and mood, it cannot reveal identity. KLiK is currently available from the iOS App Store for free. It can run on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads running iOS 4.3 and later.


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