iOS and Google Play Store see a rise in downloads and profitable revenues in Q3 of FY17

In a study on app growth in the smartphone sector, it has been found that the combined number of downloads on both iOS App Store and Google Play, have increased by eight percent year over year to 26 billion downloads. Interestingly, this does not include app updates or re-installs, but only new downloads.

Image: Getty Images.

Image: Getty Images.

According to analytics report, by App Annie, the total time spent on apps in Q3 of 2017 is 325 billion hours. This is an increase to 40 percent from Q3 of 2016 .

In India, an increase in the number of downloads has been observed which is twice of 2016. India has the biggest contribution when it comes to Google Play downloads. The factor of emerging markets has played a crucial role in the increase in the number of downloads from both the app stores. Google Play has emerged to be leading the app market worldwide also. The increase in the gap between the downloads of Google Play and iOS has increased from 115 percent to 125 percent in Q3 of 2017.

Worldwide, the consumer spend by App Store users is higher than Google Play. Infact, for consumer spend on iOS is double that of Google Play in Q3 of 2016. Overall China has taken the lead both in market share and absolute spend. South Korea on the other hand stood second.

In terms of content category, Entertainment stood first in Q3 of 2017, for both Google Play and iOS combined. For iOS users the consumer spend grew by 30 percent whereas in case of Google Play it rose to 45 percent. In iOS, Tencent Video stood out when it comes to share change, followed by Youku and STARZ. Whereas on Google Play it was HBO Now, then Netflix.

It has been forecasted that worldwide downloads may reach 240 billion downloads and $100 billion consumer spend on both iOS and Google Play.

Updated Date: Oct 24, 2017 09:32 AM