The Apple iOS 10 update may be awesome, but why should an Android user switch?

So, here's what I think about the new iOS 10 features.

Come September, and there begins a frenzy of sort among Apple fans. To buy or not to buy? Over the years, we've seen it all, the hype around the device even before the launch, long queues, and one more thing, courage. You name it and we've seen it.

With friends and colleagues glued to their expensive devices and swearing that they cannot ever switch back, it makes me wonder why I've never owned an iPhone.

I've dabbled with units in review labs and sat 'awwwwed' for a few minutes when checking out a friend's expensive unit, but there was never a device that I wanted to take back home. Well, hardware has evolved to a point that it doesn't matter, to a great extent, but iOS 10 is what makes all the difference. Apple fans might disagree. So, I've jotted down some of the new shiny features, and what, as an Android user, I think of them.

Lockscreen and homescreen: Widgets, Raise to wake, actionable notifications

Apple's lockscreen is listed among the new refreshed changes coming with the iOS 10. However, for an Android users it would seem quite similar to what they've already seen in an older Android iteration. The iOS 10 update lets you swipe left for quick camera access and right to go to widgets. This is something we saw way back when 4.4 KitKat was introduced. Also, yes, the company finally brings widgets, something that now seems to have been a part of Android for eons.

Then there are actionable notifications. This means, you can reply to messages directly from the lockscreen. Now again, this isn't a novel feature that Apple has invented.

Moreover, there's a feature called Raise to wake. It's a fancy name, I must say. On looking closer, I see that it's nothing more than your device's screen lighting up as you pick it. This is also something that many Android users have experienced before.


The Messages app has several big changes with iOS 10.  The full-screen effects, sticker packs and app-integration all come in the form of Message apps. Apple is getting more social with the messaging app.

Google, on the other hand hasn't been really successful when it comes to messaging. And, it now plans to beef up its offering with Allo and Duo. When it comes to messaging however, how many users really look beyond WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more? In fact, both iOS and Android are bringing in these features to combat the popularity of such instant messaging apps and Facebook's keen interest in bots. For instance, iOS 10 introduces bots, well not really bots, but it does let you book dinner reservations, make payments, check weather, etc., all from within a conversation.

It's nice, but do I care? No.

Deleting stock apps

This was one of the cherished features when iOS 10 was announced. But, this is something Android Nougat will also let you do. However, from what reports claim, both Android and iOS won't really let you delete every stock app.

Improvements to Siri

Siri, one of Apple's most celebrated features, is all set to get some major updates. It learns every year, and this year it will graduate another year and getS smarter. But, that's not the big change, Apple has opened up to third-party developers in iOS 10. This will brings control over other apps using Siri. This may be a big change for Apple and its users, but for someone who doesn't really rely on OK Google for access, at least not yet, it won't really bring much to the table. And I think I can make the argument that Google Now is simply better.

Bots are the future, or so we have heard. With Facebook and others giving a push to bots, I think Android and iOS users will be at par when using bot-related stuff.  Apple, the promoter of apps, didn’t really mention chatbots or anything close to that. They maintain that apps are here to stay. However, an earlier report had pointed out that "Apple has indeed joined the race but in a manner most of us did not expect."

Apple Music

The iOS 10 brings a huge makeover to Apple Music. Most users around me consider Apple Music to be the best option for the convenience it brings in. However, Apple Music is available for Android too. So, there's no way an Android users will miss all the goodies of Apple Music.

It's clearly unfair to compare two OSes, but there is no denying that the iOS 10 still doesn't give me reason enough to switch from my existing Android device.

As mentioned earlier, I haven't extensively used Apple devices and I don't know if using an Apple device for an extended period of time will convince me of its merits. For now, I'm happy with my 'droid and there's nothing anyone can do to tear me away from it!


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