Introducing Prejudice tracker: An app to help track, fight racism

Victims and observers can report and describe the type and severity of human versus human acts of prejudice.

A new anti-prejudice app that offers real time reports on worldwide incidents of prejudice, discrimination and racism has been developed.


The Prejudice Tracker App, which is launching soon, is the first and only crowd-sourced tracking system to report, monitor, and measure acts of prejudice, persecution, and discrimination around the world, its developers claim.


Victims and observers can report and describe the type and severity of human versus human acts of prejudice.


"From school and social media bullying to sexual orientation or racially motivated slurs and discrimination, from economic maltreatment to verbal abuse, the app creates a record of the event, empowers the victim and puts the perpetrator on notice," said David Katz of Pennsylvania-based Dynamic Digital Advertising.


Identified by category and incident type, reported as to date, time, and location, and described in the victim or observer's own words, Prejudice Tracker has the potential to become a powerful tool in the war against prejudice, discrimination, and abuse, Katz said.


Browsers can view an interactive map of incidents around the world and sort by geography and severity of incidents.


Historical data, including both macro data and micro data on specific incidents, are all available, and the user can generate charts, watch trends, and suggest new categories and types of prejudice to be included and tracked.


For the victim, this means a place to tell their story, to vent, heal, fight back, and have some control.


For the observer of an event, the tracker is a forum to share their experience and make a positive impact on the world, the developers said.


For the perpetrator, it is gives a chance to comprehend the negativity of the incident they caused, to understand the effect on their victim and feel responsibility, and perhaps even to grow and change their ways, said Katz.


For others, Prejudice Tracker is a blend of reality and information and an opportunity to help those in need.



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