Intel Developing 50Gbps Interconnect, Five Times Faster than Thunderbolt

Intel feels the need for speed.

Remember when we said that the new iMacs will have Thunderbolt I/Os  and how Intel and Apple have designed it to be faster than current gen interconnects?

Intel Developing 50Gbps Interconnect, Five Times Faster than Thunderbolt

Speed is the name of the game


Well, now it seems that Intel has felt the need for speed and is developing a new kind of interconnect technology will allow computers to transfer data between one another five times faster than Thunderbolt. Intel has decided to marry silicon components with optical networking to achieve the 50Gbps transfer rate. Another thing worth mentioning is that the new interconnect will work with all existing adaptors such as HDMI, DVI and VGA adaptors.


In a talk with PC world, Jeff Demain, strategy director of circuits and system research at Intel Labs, said that  “Thunderbolt will likely "coexist" alongside the more advanced transfer protocol.We see them as complementary. It's the evolution of these connectors and protocols as they move forward. Thunderbolt is more than a cable. It's a router chip that aggregates DisplayPort and PCI-Express."
Hope that this new transfer protocol is not exclusive to Apple or any other company and is available to everyone one out there. For there is one thing you can never get enough of when it comes to computers.. and that is 'speed'.

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