Insurance company sues Apple for defective iPhone 4s which lead to alleged house-fire

State Farm, a US insurance giant and Xai Thao, the co-complainant have filed a lawsuit of $75,000 against Apple Inc for damages from fire in the complainant's house.

State Farm had lodged a complaint with the US District Judge court. As per a report in Apple Insider, the complainant, Thao, a resident of New Richmond (a suburb in Wisconsin), had bought an iPhone 4s in 2014.  The phone had 'failed' her as it had caused fire in the house. Moreover, the investigation carried by the insurance company, revealed that the device to be faulty.

As per their report, there was a 'a significant and localized heating event' near the battery along with internal shorting. Since even the plaintiff believed that there was no other source, which could have caused fire, it was concluded that only the phone could have caused the fire in the house.

The complainant also mentioned, that neither had she ever changed the battery and that it was still in a new condition.

Xai Thao, who had taken State Farm's property insurance policy, approached them for the damages incurred and to recover the cost of damages that was covered by her policy. As per the complaint, the insurance company has concluded that the device was in a defective state when it was sold to Thao and secondly, the company was negligent while designing, manufacturing, and circulating the device.

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2017 12:07 PM