Instagram updates Boomerang feature with Trimming, SlowMo, Echo and more

The Boomerang feature on Instagram now allows user to trim the recorded video and even slow it down.

To keep up with the creativity of its users, Instagram has now added several more features, similar to TikTok, to its Boomerang effect. Features including SlowMo, Echo, Duo, and Trimming have been added to the app.

 Instagram updates Boomerang feature with Trimming, SlowMo, Echo and more

Instagram Logo art.

Whether users record a video using Instagram or add it from their library, the new Boomerang effects can be used the same way as before. After opening the camera inside Instagram, swipe to Boomerang where you’ll find all the new effects.

SlowMo lets you slow down your video, Echo does a double vision effect, and Duo speeds up then slows down the video. While these are just extra effects, the most useful feature in this update is the ability to trim the videos. Earlier, if you didn’t the right timing in recording your Boomerang videos, you had to record it all over again. With the ability to edit the start and end of the video, you get more control over the final product.

The update was officially announced on Instagram’s Twitter account and it is currently rolling out. We checked on our devices and we’re yet to receive it.

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