Instagram might be working on revamping its confusing Explore tab: Report

When one looks at Instagram’s Explore tab, it feels like a jungle of posts. The posts are all from different pages, and we may not even be interested in some of them. However, Instagram is reportedly working on revamping the Explore tab to make it more personal and hassle-free to use.



According to a report by TechPP, Instagram is working on personalizing the Explore tab, but it will not be similar to the home section of Instagram where the user sees posts from friends. The reported changes in the Explore Tab include category tiles or tabs. These categories will be present below the search icon.

It is not known that on what basis these categories will be chosen. This could depend on the interests of the user. The tabs might include categories such as photography, animals, people or fashion. It will also have a ‘For You’ section which will be a curation of various other posts. It is likely to be similar to the Explore section.

To switch between the categories, the user can either swipe left or right or tap on the tabs.

Below those tabs, trending hashtags would also be available. However, it is not known whether Instagram Stories of people one does not follow will be available.

Instagram might be working on revamping the Explore tab. TechPP.

Instagram might be working on revamping the Explore tab. TechPP.

Machine learning will be used to identify the pictures which would come in those categories. It is not necessary that these pictures have hashtags mentioned in the caption.

Instagram's reported attempt to bring changes to the Explore tab will bring a much-needed change to this section.

Instagram is reportedly also bringing changes to its policies where it will allow users to download their images, videos, and posts  so as to comply with GDPR.

Updated Date: Apr 20, 2018 15:26 PM