Infosys teams up with Adecco Group to create a mobile-first, cloud-based, end-to-end platform ‘Adia’

Infosys explained that 'Adia' makes use of Adecco’s strengths to introduce new ways of conducting business and business thinking in the ‘digital economy’.

Infosys has announced that it will team with Adecco Group, a Fortune Global 500 company to create a new cloud-based platform named ‘Adia’.

Infosys logo. Reuters

Infosys logo. Reuters

The company pointed out that the aim of this ‘mobile-first, cloud-based, end-to-end digital platform’ is to transform the staffing industry. The company detailed that this platform will work with ‘data, domain, technology and speed’, to create a new business in the world of staffing.

According to the details given by Infosys, this platform will change the core operations of Adecco Group which is also known as ‘the leading global HR Solutions provider’. The interesting thing to note here is the fact that ‘Adia’ has already gained momentum across a number of cities in the UK and Switzerland. Adecco plans to bring the platform to more countries in the future. Infosys explained that this new platform makes use of Adecco’s strengths to introduce new ways of conducting business and thinking about the business in the ‘digital economy’.

Key features of ‘Adia’ include the ability to manage the talent more efficiently and targeting clients and candidates across multiple industry segments. This makes it easy for companies to find staff on a temporary basis for short-term assignments.

Image: Infosys

Image: Infosys

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, the President and Head of Infosys Europe issued a statement adding. “The pace of change we’re experiencing today is unprecedented and it urges organisations to constantly renew themselves, as well as leverage technology to develop new business models, if they are to remain relevant and succeed in an increasingly evolving world. Over the past few years, the emergence of the ‘platform economy’ has set the pace of success for the most valuable companies in the world.”

Alain Dehaze, CEO of Adecco Group added, “At the Adecco Group we are focused on transformation and innovation to capture the opportunities we see in the evolving world of work. We are thrilled with the success Adia has experienced so far and we’re looking forward to continuing the international rollout over the coming quarters. As part of our co-creation strategy, we’re working with Infosys to bring innovation across other parts of the business and we are delighted to have partnered with the best-in-class to boost our digital strategy and power our vision of what’s next in the staffing industry.”

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