Image Ads Creep into Gmail Mailboxes

Google starts experimenting and looking for feedback on image ads amongst Gmail users.

Users all over the world have got used to Google's goodies for free. Gmail was one of the first services on the web to provide e-mail accounts with practically no limits. Text ads have been around for a while and no one really seems have to have a problem with them. But now, users around the world have started noticing image ads cropping on the side bar on their Gmail accounts, which are obviously more distracting than small text ads.

Image Ads Creep into Gmail Mailboxes
Google's image ads might be a common sight across Gmail accounts all over

The new ads like any other ads are somehow based on the content in the emails and topics, which is completely automated. A Google spokesperson has the confirmed the presence of the image ads. The ads are only enabled for some users and are a test run meant for feedback purposes. So what do the majority of the web savvy think about this move? Most of them use ad blockers which block text ads and feel that image blockers will also be present if Google goes ahead with implementing the new ad format for all users.


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