i.Tech Launches Headset With Extreme Voice Clarity

i.Techs new i.VoicePRO headset is designed specifically to provide users with optimum clarity and ease of use.

After their only recent launch of their BluePOINTER, i.Tech has announced that they are launching a new headset and are calling it the i.VoicePRO – the first headset in the market with dual microphone using Bluetooth Profile v2.1. It comes equipped with what the company says is the most advanced noise filtering technology available.

 i.Tech Launches Headset With Extreme Voice Clarity

The i.VoicePRO was specifically designed and tuned for voice pickup applications. The microphones array technology in i.VoicePRO enables the pickup of near-field signal but excludes the pickup of undesired far-field noises. Signals from far-field are ignored while the desired signal remains clean and clear. Therefore, i.VoicePRO users will not need to speak louder but can maintain a normal consistent tone.

The i.VoicePRO has also implemented a unique patented algorithm which is based on the physics of sound waves and also the different time of arrival. The noise filter software intelligently recognizes the user's voice and thus is able to provide near perfect voice recognition without any distortion, even in very noisy environments. In addition, i.VoicePRO is also designed for wind resistance.

The i.VoicePRO’s main microphone surface is notched in the form of a u-shape to further direct the user’s voice into the microphone. Automatic volume control provides better hands-free communication and the speaker’s sound delivery feature improves the speech intelligibility, while dynamically adjusting the speaker loudness to accommodate the ambient noise level. i.VoicePRO integrates leading Bluetooth profile v2.1. and combines it with the latest Bluetooth IC and enhanced data rate (EDR) technology. According to the company the headset will provide users with up to 5 hours talk time and 100 hours of standby time. The i.VoicePRO comes with a earhook with an ergonomic design and weighs in at 12g.

The price and availability has not yet been disclosed so stay tuned.

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