Huge game collection sold on eBay for $1.2 million

There have been a lot of video games developed ever since the first Pong game was conceptualized.

There have been a lot of video games developed ever since the first Pong game was conceptualized. They probably number in the millions now, right? Now imagine someone putting every video game ever released for 22 different consoles up for sale on eBay. You'd think such a guy would be hard to find, but according to a report by The Verge, an aspiring seller on eBay has sold a massive collection of titles for 22 consoles for 999,999.99 Euro or approximately $1.2 million.


The lister, “collector_king”, was selling entire sets of games for 22 different consoles with all the boxes and manuals for each game in a huge collection called titled, “biggest collection ever?”. That is more than 6,500 titles across consoles, such as the NES, the SNES, the Sega Saturn, the Nintendo Gameboy, the Nintendo 64, to name a few – including all games ever released for all Sega systems, all Nintendo home system games up to the Gamecube, and all NEC systems.





In addition, “collectors_king” noted that games have been stored “out of direct sunlight” all the time in a “pet-free” and “smoke-free” home – obviously being a very dedicated collector. He also added, "As well, please keep in mind i had dozens of thousands of copies of those games in hands during the last 20 years, and i only kept, each time, the VERY BEST copies for my personal collection, so you can be certain you'd get the best condition possible. As an example, for the PC Engine factory sealed full set, i got sometimes more than 50 copies for a precise title, and i kept the BEST one out of the 50 for myself. That gives you an idea of the mintiness of such collection. You get the best of the best."


This isn’t the first time that such a strange auction has taken place on eBay. A man called Andrew Fischer once auctioned off 30 days of ad space on his forehead. “The winner will be able to send me a tattoo or have me go to a tattoo parlour and get a temporary ink tattoo on my forehead and this will be something they choose, a company name or domain name, perhaps their logo,” said Fischer.


In another incident, a 10-year-old from England tried to sell her Grandmother, describing her as “annoying”, but “cuddly”. Despite a number of bids being made for the Grandmother, the listing was taken down soon after by eBay.


”Obviously we have rules about the selling of people,” said an eBay spokeswoman. ”We had to take it down but it was quite amusing and there were a number of offers. The little girl had described her grandmother as ‘annoying’ but had gone on to say she liked crosswords and was ‘cuddly’ and there were quite a few offers." The spokeswoman added: "The advert was obviously light-hearted and had been done with the full knowledge of grandma – we do get these kind of things from time to time.”

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