HTC's New Version of Sense UI (3.0) Won't Work on Old Devices

A real 'downer' is that the new version of Sense UI (3.0) will not be available for older HTC handsets.

Here’s a bit of bad news for HTC fans, it seems that company has decided that the new version of HTC’s ever popular Sense UI will not be making backward compatible. After the recent announcement of the HTC Sensation aka the Pyramid becoming official complete with the new HTC Sense 3.0 UI version, the fans across the globe have been hoping that their older devices would soon see an update as well.

Sadly, that’s not in the works, so says a recent tweet in response to a query. The only devices that will showcase the new version of the UI are the – HTC Flyer tablet, the EVO 3D and the Sensation of course.

HTC's New Version of Sense UI (3.0) Won't Work on Old Devices

A real bummer!


The new handset that only just made it out like the Incredible S will not be getting the update and I find that quite a hard pill to swallow. With specs like those, these devices, although highly functional as they are, should get an update in my opinion. Perhaps it just might make it out at a later date, but as of now, HTC’s apparent official word is a solid ‘NO’.


Here's a quick video of the HTC Sensation showacsing the new Sense UI 3.0 -

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