HTC 10's default keyboard starts showing ads; here's how you can opt out

If you are picky about your dictionary suggestions and saves, you may need to wait a little longer until HTC comes up with a solution.

HTC 10 owners have begun to report ads showing up on their default virtual keyboards. The annoying advertisement pops up over the suggestions section, reducing the amount of visible content on the display.

The news comes from two Reddit posts and was first reported by GSMArena. Annoyed owners took to Reddit to post screenshots and also find out whether others were facing a similar issue.

HTC 10s default keyboard starts showing ads; heres how you can opt out

Image: Reddit

The ads come from a third-party keyboard that comes pre-installed on the HTC 10. According to owners who complained on the forum, the TouchPal keyboard was set as a default, which led to customers using it right from the time they purchased the smartphone.

The problem seems to arise from the fact that TouchPal's usage license with HTC may have expired, which is why the keyboard now throws up ads (in the most annoying way possible, we might add).

The option for users is to either make an in-app purchase and buy the keyboard, or well switch to a new one. The problem with switching to a new third-party or the native Google keyboard is that you will have to add all those dictionary suggestions once again from scratch.

For HTC owners who have begun to see ads, the obvious alternative may be the free GBoard keyboard, available as a free download from the Google Play Store (if your builtin native Google keyboard has not already upgraded to GBoard, that is). GBoard is made by Google, and also supports the swipe functionality offered in most keyboards these days. Add to this GIF support and you are pretty much sorted, just that you will have to start adding those dictionary suggestions all over again!

To change your default keyboard head to Settings App> Language and input. Scroll to the Keyboard & input methods section and then select your new downloaded keyboard (or GBoard) from the list. In there you can change the preferences for your new virtual keyboard as well. Do note that you will not need to uninstall your TouchPal keyboard to use the new third-party keyboard.

As reported by GSMArena, it is possible that TouchPal may have pulled off a fast one and shortened the free-usage period. Eitherways, HTC should be aware of the situation and should release an update that should take care of the problem.

So if you are picky about your dictionary suggestions and saves, you may need to wait a little longer until HTC comes up with a solution. Else you can simply switch to another third-party keyboard, temporarily without needing to uninstall the TouchPal keyboard. Once HTC fixes it, you will at least have your data intact and then you can switch back.