Here are 10 questions that we're itching to ask Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is set to host his first, live QnA session on, you guessed it, Facebook Live! The session will start at midnight on June 15 and will be open to all

Mark Zuckerberg is set to host his first, live QnA session on, you guessed it, Facebook Live! The session will start at midnight on June 15 and will be open to all. Zuckerberg has hosted QnA sessions before, called the town halls, but he’s never hosted one on video.

We’ll be present of course, as will a million others, maybe hundreds of millions, and it’ll be hard to get a word in edgewise. If we do get a chance however, here’s what we’d like to ask. Maybe you can even help us out by throwing these questions at him.

You’ve maintained that Facebook’s mission is to connect the world. What can you tell us about your progress in India on that front?

Zuckerberg is always quick to point out that Facebook’s mission is to connect the world. His favourite statistic is the fact that 1 in every 10 people connected to the internet gets a job. Given his “noble” intentions, we’re very curious to hear about Zuckerberg’s plan to bring 1.6 billion Indians online. He has been working on related projects in the country and has even been experimenting with drones, lasers and millimeter wave radio.

Here are 10 questions that were itching to ask Mark Zuckerberg

How is the fight for net neutrality interfering with this mission?

If Facebook’s mission is indeed to connect the world, why is net neutrality such a bad thing? Doesn’t everyone have the right to access an unfiltered, uncensored, anonymous web?

Facebook’s Free Basics platform and other similar projects directly violate all principles of net neutrality. Facebook wants people to use their platform and in exchange for “free” internet, expect full access to user data. How is that in any way noble?

Google is working with the government to provide free internet to the masses. What’s stopping Facebook from doing the same?

Google has a great many plans in motion to get free, fast, quality internet to everyone in the world. They’ve been working with the Indian government and have even set up free Wi-Fi zones at railway stations and other locations in the country.

By any measure, Google’s approach to connecting the world seems far nobler than Facebook’s. Facebook spent over a $100 million on advertising Free Basics in India, why couldn’t they have just brought a 100 railway stations online? Would it have been so hard for them to get people on to Facebook after giving them free internet access? Advertising is also their forte after all.

Image: Wikimedia

Image: Wikimedia

Tim-Berners Lee feels that the internet is now the “world’s largest surveillance network.” What are your thoughts on the matter?

Tim-Berners Lee is the creator of the World Wide Web and he’s very disappointed with his creation. He’s appalled at the ease with which the web can be controlled and censored. He’s also appalled at the lack of privacy.

It would be interesting to hear what Zuckerberg thinks of that, since Facebook’s survival is dependent on data mining.

What drives you to believe that Facebook is as essential to our lives as public hospitals, free education and emergency services like 911? Hubris?

When his “Free Basics” project was shot down by the Indian Government, Zuckerberg hit back via any means possible, including articles in newspapers and online, even his own Facebook page. In one of those articles, Zuckerberg went on a rant about why free basic services are essential. Citing the existence of public libraries, public hospitals and even services like 911 as free basic services, he seems to genuinely believe that Facebook is as essential.

We’d like to hear his rationale on this. What is it that deludes him so?

Facebook office

Facebook has just unveiled its gorgeous new office in Mumbai. What can you tell us about your plans for expansion in this country?

Facebook’s first office in Asia was setup at Hyderabad in 2005. They've been expanding ever since and only recently opened a lovely new office at Mumbai. But what other plans does he have for this country? What does he think of the talent pool? We’d certainly like to know.

You spent a couple of days at Kainchi Dham. Was it as revelatory as Steve Jobs promised?

Steve Jobs had advised Zuckerberg to head to Kainchi Dham in India. Zuckerberg took that advice to heart and actually spent two days at the place. We’d love to know if that visit transformed him as it did Steve Jobs.

Facebook’s apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) were the most downloaded apps on iOS last month. Where do we go from here?

Facebook is the largest social network, Instagram is among the largest image-based social networks around and WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging platform around. There's no question that most people will, and do, download these apps first. Facebook is basically king as far as communication is concerned. What's next for Facebook?

Why’re you bullying people into installing Messenger? The web version was fine, thank you very much.

Facebook’s chat service worked perfectly before the creation of Messenger. You could access it in the Facebook app and you could even access it directly from a mobile browser. Sadly, Facebook has decided to eliminate all other versions of chat. This leaves mobile users no option but to install Messenger. Why?

Lastly, and most importantly, who’s the monster that came up with the Poke? Is that person as annoying in real life?

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