Grand Theft Auto Online going live today

The multiplayer component of Rockstar’s amazingly-successful Grand Theft Auto 5 is now live...

The multiplayer component of Rockstar’s amazingly-successful Grand Theft Auto 5 is now live. Sadly enough, however, it is currently only available for Xbox 360 gamers. It will be live on PlayStation 3 later today. To be able to play the multiplayer mode, titled Grand Theft Auto Online, you need nothing more than a console, a copy of GTA 5, an Internet connection and a small title update that will be pushed on to your game when you next start it up. According to reports popping up online, the title update is tiny, weighing in at 59 MB on Xbox 360.

Switching from regular GTA 5 to GTA Online is simple—you simply go into character-picking mode and select the fourth character in the wheel. Plot-wise, GTA Online takes place a few months before the events of GTA 5.

Rockstar has released a statement that hopes to answer many of the questions that have been plaguing gamers’ minds ever since GTA Online was first unveiled. One of these questions has to do with griefing when inviting other players to your house or garage. When someone is invited, it is considered to be a friendly invitation, and thus the invited player cannot take out a gun to shoot, or even steal cars, from the invitee’s home.

This could be you...

This could be you...


To solve the problem of multiple players owning a house at the same place, players have been given the option to switch to their instance of the house and their friends’ instance at any moment.

The company then goes on to talk about the microtransactions in the game. "To allay some concerns we've heard on this subject, we can assure you that the game is designed such that the option of purchasable GTA$ should not disrupt the playing field - and there are a few mechanics in place to help ensure that," Rockstar explained. "All players still have to rank up with Reputation Points (RP) in order to get access to purchase high-end items.  No one can begin GTA Online and simply spend a lot of money out of the gate to get a leg up. You will have to earn your stripes and play to unlock access to the aspirational clothes, guns and other items."

Grand Theft Auto Online is a free part of GTA 5, which is currently out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for Rs 2,999. Check out our review of the single-player part of the game and stay tuned for our look at the multiplayer.

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