Google's new wireless charger for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 now available

Google, apart from putting the Nexus 5 up for sale, is now offering a few new accessories for it's Nexus line-up....

Google’s brand new Nexus 5 has finally gone up for sale in India. The online store listings place the 16GB version at Rs 28,999 while the 32GB edition will set users back Rs 32,999. The model is available in black and white and Google has promised that it will start shipping in one or two days. And Google hasn't stopped there, with the company making a bunch of new accessories available for the Nexus line-up.

The first in line is a Qi-compatible wireless charger. Titled the Nexus Wireless Charger, the little gizmo is compatible with the Nexus 7 (2013 edition), the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5. In terms of design, the charger comes with a square form with a 60x60 mm flat top which will be parallel to the surface it sits on. The product is available only in black and weighs in at 105g.

Google's new wireless charger for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 now available

Google has rolled out a few new accessories for the Nexus family


While Play Store India still lists the product as “coming soon”, without mention of the price, the US and Canadian listing comes with a price tag of $49.99 (Rs 3,120 approx). The tage is quite a hefty one considering you’re shelling out the money for a charger. According to the listing, the device does away with wires, cords or plugs, instead snapping the tablet or smartphone in place on the integrated magnetic face to begin charging. The charger will also stick securely to surfaces like a desk, counter top or night stand. There is still no news on when the new gizmo will be hitting the Indian market, though.
Google has also listed a few other accessories for its Nexus line-up, most of which are centered on the Nexus 5. These include a bumper case for protection, which is priced at Rs 2,499. Users have the option of picking this up in black, grey, red or yellow. There's also a QuickCover for the Nexus 5; essentially a full body flip-cover that will set the user back by a whopping Rs 3,299. The QuickCover is available in black and white options. The Nexus 7 has not been left behind, with a new patterned sleeve being offering that is available in grey, black and yellow. The “cheapest” one so far, the Nexus 7 sleeve will cost you Rs 1,999. While the bumper covers for the Nexus 5 are now on sale, the QuickCover and the Nexus 7 sleeve are still listed as “coming soon” to India.

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