Google updates its Internet of Things platform, Brillo is now Android Things

Google has announced new technologies for engineers developing Internet of Things (IoT) products and packaged the platform as Android Things

Google has announced new technologies for engineers developing Internet of Things (IoT) products. Project Brillo has now transformed into Android Things. The developer preview for Android Things is now available for developers to tinker around with.

The updates allow android developers to rapidly prototype and build IoT products. Smart devices can be built using the Android Application Program Interface (API) with support from Google Services. Feedback from Project Brillo has been incorporated into Android Things. Familiar Android development tools, such as Android Studio, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Google Play Services and the Google Cloud Platform are the tools included in Android Things.

Google has said that it is setting up the infrastructure needed to push out OS updates, fix security holes, allow developers to push out their own updates and build in Weave connectivity. Weave is a communications platform for the IoT that allows smart devices to talk to other smart devices. Weave has now been updated to connect to the cloud and interface with Google Assistant.

Google updates its Internet of Things platform, Brillo is now Android Things

The Weave SDK includes support for inputs from microcontrollers or a management console. Weave is oriented towards home automation at the moment, with schema for switches, light bulbs, smart plugs and thermostats. Planned future updates including custom schema, additional device types and an app API for iOS and Android.

The announcements will allow engineers to create Internet of Things products that can exploit the advantages of the Android platform. The smart light bulbs by Philips Hue and the home automation products by Samsung SmartThings already use Weave. Belkin, WiMo, LiFX, Honeywell, Wink, TP-Link and First Alert are all in the process of implementing Weave into their offerings.


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