Google will give users the option to automatically mute noisy tabs on webpages; it's coming in 2018

Tech giant Google has decided to give more control to the users over the autoplay feature in the Chrome app from 2018. The update will provide an option to completely mute audio from individual sites. Each user will be given the option to blacklist or whitelist sites that may or may not play audio automatically.



In a blog post, the company said that autoplay causes unexpected media playback which consumes data and also creates unwanted noise while browsing. To fix these issue, Google will give more control over the audio content to the users.

The new policy on autoplay shows that content will only be allowed to autoplay in certain conditions, which includes sessions where the audio is muted by default or when there's no video. If a users taps anywhere on the website during the browsing session then also the audio or video might be allowed to autoplay.

The autoplay policy also mentions that a content will be auto played if the site has been added to the home screen of the smartphone user or it will autoplay the media of a website if that website is frequently used by the user to watch content.

These features will be enabled from Chrome 63 options.

Muting of a website feature will be available in the M63 Beta version of the app from September and it will be launched in October 2017. Whereas, the autoplay feature is expected to be available in the beta version from December 2017, but will be launched for users in January 2018.

These update will be provided on all the Chrome apps across various platforms, including mobile devices and desktops. Google also asks the users to check if a website functions properly after the autoplay feature has been blocked for that site.

Updated Date: Sep 16, 2017 14:01 PM