Google rolling out ‘Watchlist’ feature in Search to add films and TV shows

The Watchlist in Google Search will allow users to create lists of films and TV shows they want to see.

Google Search keeps added feature to its Knowledge Graph cards and the latest incoming update is a watchlist. Users will be able to create watchlists right after they searched for a film or a TV show.

 Google rolling out ‘Watchlist’ feature in Search to add films and TV shows

Google logo.

From a report by Android Police, when you search for a film or TV show, the search result cards will now additionally show a new card with buttons labelled “Watched it?” and “Watchlist”. If you click or tap on the former, it will change to “Watched” and store your result. However, if you select the latter, it will be added to a newly created watchlist.

While the feature of creating lists has been available for quite some time, it has now been expanded to films and TV shows. Earlier, you could create lists for the images you search. For example, if you searched for memes, Google Search would automatically suggest adding the searched image to a 'Memes' collection.

All your saved images and content will be available in a separate page called 'Collections'. Whether it's your images or films, everything will be listed on this page.

The feature isn’t available for everyone yet. Android Police reported that it’s rolling out in mobile browser search results and in the Google app. We checked the same on our devices across all platforms and it hasn’t arrived yet. However, we could soon see the feature land in our devices.

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