Google Play Protect unifies security features in Android; server-side update starts rolling-out

Google Play Protect was announced at Google I/O in May, but missed headlines at the time because of it being just a rebrand of Android's security features.

Google announced Play Protect back at Google I/O 2017 in May. The Google security feature missed the headlines at the time because of the move being just a rebrand of security features that have been an essential part of Android ecosystem for a while.

Image: Google

Image: Google

Based on a report by GSMArena, the feature started rolling out immediately, however, garnered attention only last month when 'Verify Apps' was rebranded as 'Protect' in the Google settings menu.

With the latest server-side update users are starting to notice it on the Play Store as well. The Verify Apps scanning feature which has always been tucked away, will now feature at the top of the Updates tab as a noticeable badge in the My Apps & Games section within the Play Store.

Tapping the Play Protect badge directly takes the user over to the Play Protect settings page. This page includes a list of recently-scanned apps and toggles that allows disabling device scanning while also including a manual app scan option available.



Google Chrome browser's Safe Browsing ability is now included inside the Play Protect banner apart from Google's 'Find My Device' functionality which allows users to remotely detect a device, lock it and put a note on its screen.

Find My Device also allows calling the device when logged in through a desktop browser. The change is being rolled-out slowly and based on GSMArena's report, has so far featured on very few devices.

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