Gmail is getting ready for a new design as Google plans a new interface, quick reply and offline support options

The changes coming to the Google Gmail web includes clean look of the Gmail on the web, easy access to apps, smart reply, option to snooze and offline support.

Google is planning to redesign Gmail for the web with plans to integrate some of the features available on its mobile app, to make it more clean and user-friendly. The redesign brings features like quick reply, offline support to the web version of Gmail.

Gmail logo. Pixabay

Gmail logo. Pixabay

TechCrunch in a report posted the screenshot of a mail received by Google employees, that provides information about the upcoming redesign and the "Early Adoption Program" (EAP). The Early Adoption Program will be made available to personal users in advance of the public announcement.

The mail displayed in the report lists the changes that will be coming to the Gmail web interface. These include a fresh, clean look of Gmail on the web, easy access to apps, smart reply, option to snooze (and customise its future reappearance timing) and offline support. The offline feature of the Gmail for Web is expected to be available from June 2018.

Gmail email screen shot

Email from Google. TechCrunch

Another report on Android Authority show the new changes that were mentioned in the TechCrunch report. The first image shows the new interface of the Gmail app, which looks clean because of the new icons and an auto-reply option at the bottom of the received email. The top right part of the web interface shows the icons to quickly access tools, plugins and apps such as Google Keep, Calendar and Gmail Tasks.

Gmail interface

Gmail new web interface. Android Authority

Another image shows the interface of these apps and plugins in Gmail. They sit below one another and the user can simply click on one of the icons to open it on Gmail on the web.

Gmail plugins interface. Android Authority

Gmail plugins interface. Android Authority

Last but not the least Google is also planning to add an option to choose different layouts. The three layouts include "Default", "Comfortable" and "Compact".

According to the report, the Default layout will show kind of attachment attached along with an email directly in the inbox.

Gmail layout

Gmail layout. Android Authority

The Comfortable layout only shows paperclip icon instead of showing the attachments. The Compact layout option is similar to the Comfortable layout but decreases the vertical white space mentioned the report.

There is no confirmation about the launch of the app but Google is expected to releases the beta version in coming months. We can expect to see a glimpse of this at the upcoming Google I/O developers conference in May 2018.

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