The Pixel 3XL notch can be hidden if you don’t like it, Google confirms

A lot of users have complained about the notch on the Pixel 3XL, and here’s how you can hide it.

At an event in New York City on 9 October, Google launched its flagship phones for the year — the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Like the predecessors, the smartphones are capitalising on the software, with improved camera, which still remains a single-sensor setup. The smartphones are also being lauded for the Plastic OLED or POLED displays, which seem to be a big upgrade from the screen seen on the Pixel 2 phones. However, the Pixel 3XL’s notch is not attracting the most positive attention.

The Pixel 3XL notch can be hidden if you don’t like it, Google confirms

The Pixel 3 XL features a gorgeous 6.3-inch OLED display. Image: Tech2

The front notch on the Pixel 3 XL sports dual-cameras, with one for regular selfies, and one wide angle lens, perfect for big Indian family selfies. Because of which, while most new smartphones are not coming with what they call the waterdrop notch, which is tiny as a droplet as the name suggests, the notch on the Pixel 3 XL is quite big, and some people like to call it ugly too.

However, to fix this issue for the notch haters of the world, Google shared a tweet on Wednesday from its Made by Google account, and noted that the notch could be hidden if you “prefer a more traditional smartphone look.”

But the issue here is that this is an option in Android Pie, and is currently only available inside a hidden Developer Options page.

Eventually, though, the option will be made more readily available to consumers. However, the fact remains that the phone’s camera lenses and speakers up there aren’t really going anywhere. Which means, with the option turned on, the small sections of screen on either side of the notch simply get blacked out, creating a large bar that runs all the way across the top of the display.

It is still unknown if the either side of the notch area during the ‘disappearing act’ will be used to show the status icon, clock and notifications. Because during the testing the developer option have found Android Pie’s clock and other icons simply pushed down and placed below the added black bar.

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