Google Pixel 2 unable to detect voice commands when connected to some Bluetooth headphones

Google's flagship Pixel 2 smartphone has been involved in its fair share of problems and controversy. Now, according to this Pixel User Community Thread, another problem has surfaced. Moving away from the display, this time it is the Google Assistant that cannot be activated when connected to some Bluetooth headphones.

The Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2

The thread specified that when the phone is connected to a Bluetooth headphone, it makes a sound to indicate that it is listening but it doesn't detect any voice. The users on the thread also said that they tried this with different headphones and the result were the same. Even the headphones with the ability to summon the assistant by pressing a button were not able to open the Google Assistant on the Pixel 2. However, we tried to summon Google Assistant with a pair of Sound One headphones and it worked absolutely fine. This shows that only some of the headphones showcase this problem.

From the complaints on the thread, it seems that this is some kind of audio hardware issue on some of the devices rather than a software bug. Google is aware of the situation as the initial post happened to be from a Community Manager according to a report by Android Police.

The news comes after Google had started shipping the initial batch of Pixel Buds which is the company's maiden attempt at making wireless headphones. However, with the issue of Bluetooth headphones not working with Assistant cropping up, it remains to be seen if the Buds will work seamlessly with the Pixel 2.

Google's Pixel buds are designed to perform language translation through Google Translate in real-time. Similar to Apple's AirPods, they can also be paired easily by just opening the case, using Google's 'Fast Pair' technology.



Updated Date: Nov 13, 2017 21:39 PM