Google Pay is the latest digital payment platform by Google; merges Android Pay and Google Wallet in one solution

Google Pay will make it easier for users to save the payment information with their Google account so that they can make quick payment checkouts.

Google has just launched its latest online payment service with the name ‘Google Pay’. According to the announcement post on its blog, Pali Bhat, the VP of Product Management for Payments at Google clarified that Google is merging Android Pay and Google Wallet under this new brand to integrate the user experience so that users don’t get confused.

Image: Google

Image: Google

This will significantly reduce the time spent in trying to fiddle around different payment apps by Google to pay your bill. According to the post, the company has been working since last one year to refine and integrate these experiences to ensure that the result is much “simpler, faster and more consistent”.

Google Pay will make it easier to users to save the payment information with their Google account so that they can make quick payment checkouts without the need to locate their credit, debit or any other payment card every time they need to make a payment on their smartphone. Google pointed out that users will start seeing Google Pay online in the store, across Google products and even when users are paying their friends.

Image: Google

Image: Google

If you are one of the impatient ones and want to check out Google Pay in action then you can head over to Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart and other apps to check how this new experience works. The company is also offering a number of offers at the time of writing so that early adopters can save time as well as money while making payments.

Google has also invited developers for implementing Google Pay in their websites or apps. They can also work with Google’s processor partners to make the Google Pay integration more easy and simpler. By now, you must be wondering that what about Google Tez? Well, fear not, Google clarified at the end of the post that it is working on bringing these experiences to Google Tez users in India. It is likely that Google has also added the 'Pay with Google' that it launched around October last year in the 'Google Pay' branding to make things easier.

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