Google Music launched officially

After rounds of rumors and speculations, Google has officially launched the Google Music. Competing with Apple’s ...

After rounds of rumors and speculations, Google has officially launched Google Music. Competing with the likes of Apple’s iTunes store,  Google Music lets users discover, purchase and share a full play of the song with your pals on Google+. Google also offers some exclusive content and an area termed ‘Artist Hub’ for budding as well as popular artists. Taking its Music Beta a step further, the new service promises that music friends would spend more time listening to their favorite songs rather than managing them.

Google Music launched officially

Listen, purchase and share


Google Music allows syncing your music collection with all your devices. A new music store has been added to the Android Market, which is completely integrated with Google Music. Users can lay their hands on more than 13 million tracks from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, independent agency Merlin and more than 1,000 prominent independent labels. Using a computer or Android device, you can purchase individual songs or albums which are instantly added to the Music library. 

The exclusivity of some content offered by Google Music makes it unavailable anywhere else. Most of this content is said to be free. The list includes Brussels Affair (Live, 1973) which was never released before, free live recording of ‘Every Teardrop is a waterfall’ by Coldplay, Shakira’s Live EP and ‘What can We do’ (feat Anastasia) among others.

The Artist Hub allows artists with essential rights to distribute their music. The artist hub interface can be used to build artist page, upload original tracks, set prices and also sell content. Google Music is currently available only in the US through and is slated to release in the Android Market for devices running on Android 2.2 or above.