Google Maps update lets you share 'Lists' with everyone from your desktop

Google Maps has come with a new update where the user can not only save their favourite location but share it as well. The new sharing update, would not only be limited to smartphones but will be available on the desktop version of the app as well.

Google Maps. Reuters.

Google Maps. Reuters.

Not too long ago, Google Maps had introduced a feature where the user could save their favourite places as well as create a custom list of the places they wanted to visit, based on their requirement. The update could only be shared amongst those using the app on their phones and not through the web.

But, now, the user can share their favourite lists not only through mobile apps but also through the desktop or the web. The desktop and mobile app will sync. Thus, a user can interchangeably use the feature.

And now the user can see the changes made in the list across platforms, from iOS, Android, to the web and even share them without worrying about what device they are on.

Using it is as simple as clicking on the three-dot menu on the left pane of Google Maps. Once there, the user gets a list to save their 'favourites', 'want to go' and 'starred places'.

This list can be shared with friends and family.

According to the blog, the feature to share the list will be updated in batches since it is not visible in many.

Previously, Google had released a question and answer update where the user could provide details about a place, based on their observation from visiting a place. In a way, it was real-time information that was given by the user to others who may want to visit that particular place. Other updates included were a graph which was used to give real-time information regarding the status of the traffic in a particular place. This used to enable the user to keep tabs of peak hours in a particular place and moreover allow ease of travelling.

Updated Date: Nov 06, 2017 16:16 PM