Google Maps speed limit feature confirmed; will roll-out to vehicles in more regions soon

The Google Maps feature that indicates speed limits for vehicles is so far available only in two areas, the tech giant has confirmed.

According to a post shared by Android Auto Team on behalf of Google Maps, the feature is currently available in San Francisco Bay Area in the US and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The post made on Android Auto User Community on Saturday also confirmed that the feature will be soon rolled out to other regions.

The speed limit indicator began to appear on Maps last year in the selected regions, but lack of adequate data for other regions is believed to have delayed the rolling out of the feature for other regions. While the speed limit feature could be immensely useful to the users, any incorrect information could create chaos as speed limits are often associated with fines.

So that no one is left out from visiting their favorite places, recently, Google Maps introduced a new feature to accommodate those who need a wheelchair. Google Maps is yet to tag places for those who need wheelchair access, but the company has come up with a method to gather information about the same. It will crowdsource the information through its ‘contribution’ option.

With inputs from IANS

Updated Date: Jul 09, 2017 14:12 PM