Google has patented a gesture for closing apps on your smartphone, PC or projector

Tapping that diminutive ‘x’ button at the top corner of an app is so tiring, isn’t it? Or maybe just tapping the home button is too hard. Regardless, if you do find closing apps to be a burden, Google has a solution for you.

A recently revealed patent application filed by Google defines a gesture that lets you close an app by drawing an X over it.

We’re still not sure why drawing an X is perceived to be easier than simply tapping a button, it’s not like we close apps anyway. Digital Trends speculates that the gesture might have greater implications for, say augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

Image: USPTO

Image: USPTO

The patent application suggests that the gesture can be used on a smartphone, computer (ChromeOS?) or when using a projector.

While drawing an X might seem like a logical choice, it doesn’t seem like a natural one. The gesture requires the first slash of the X to go from corner to corner, though there’s more leeway with the second slash.

If you are indeed going corner to corner, you might as well reach for a corner and tap an ‘x’ button, if present. Even for AR or VR, Apple’s 5-finger pinch, for example, seems like a faster and more natural gesture for shutting apps than drawing an X.

Anyway, it might very well be that we’re reading too much into a patent application that may or may not result in any real world applications.

Updated Date: May 05, 2017 11:48 AM