Google Earth 7 for desktop available for download

Users can now view 3D imagery on Google Earth on an even bigger screen by downloading Google Earth 7 on their desktops.

Google Earth Product Manager, Peter Birch, has announced in an official blog post that users can now view 3D imagery on Google Earth on an even bigger screen by downloading Google Earth 7 on their desktops. Google Earth for mobile users was recently launched with a tour guide feature to let users discover their new places of interest. Birch shares that by making the sights available for viewing on a much larger screen via the tour guide, users will be able to explore new cities in 3D, and but also discover other places of interest on a larger display. 


Users can now brace themselves for tours of more than 11,000 popular sites around the world, in the cities where Google’s new 3D imagery is available.

Google Earth 7 for desktop available for download

Google Earth 7 for desktop for larger 3D imagery



Elaborating further, Birch shares that their tour guide feature works like a local expert who suggests nearby places to explore. Depending on the area being viewed by the user on Google Earth, thumbnails highlight pre-created tours in the same updating at the bottom of the screen. All that users have to do is click on one of the tours, and they will have set off “on a virtual flyover of famous, historical and cultural sites close by”. As users traverse through the imagery, the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, and other places, they will be able to even view educational and fun facts from Wikipedia. 


Google Earth 7, Birch shares comes with all the comprehensive, accurate 3D imagery that Google had previously made available on Android and iOS for Boulder, Boston, Charlotte, Denver, Lawrence, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Seattle, Tampa, Tucson, Rome and the San Francisco Bay Area (including the Peninsula and East Bay). With this announcement, he shares that they are adding more 3D imagery for a many other metropolitan regions including Avignon, France; Austin, Texas; Munich, Germany; Phoenix, Arizona; and Mannheim, Germany.


“The experience of flying through these areas and seeing the buildings, terrain and even the trees rendered in 3D is now consistent across both mobile and desktop devices -- making all of your virtual travels more realistic than ever,” he writes. 


Google Earth 7 is now available for download 



Google recently included terrain and colour gradations to its Maps service to represent vegetation, and labels for natural land formations. Karl Johann Schmidt, Software Engineer, Google Maps shared in an official blog post that the new visualisations will enable users to understand and see for themselves the location of expansive forests, deserts, and mountain ranges around the world. Users can gauge the impact of natural land formations, as well as how and why man-made developments such as urban cities, dams, and bridges are made.


Now when users search Maps for natural land formations such as the Gobi Desert, Melville Peninsula, or Nullarbor Plain, they will be able to spot “improved, well-labeled results”. In order to depict its newest changes better, Google has shared a comparison of search results before and after the update. 

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