Google Doodle celebrates pioneering female pilot Jean Batten's 107th birthday

Google on its Doodle blog sent out a strong message to all its users at the end of the post.

Google with today's doodle has sent out a strong message to all its users, "the sky's the limit only if you let it". And it sure is an inspiring one, as Google celebrates what would have been the 107th birthday of record breaking female pilot Jean Batten.

Batten was an aviator like no other who took to the skies to make a record breaking journey to fly from England to Australia. This, however, did not come easy. After two failed attempts, Batten finally made her comeback  in 1934 by not just completing the flight from England to Australia, but accomplishing the same in record time.

Post this, she garnered plenty of fame when she also became the first woman to make a solo flight across the south Atlantic in 1935. But it was another solo trip with her lucky black cat, Buddy, that made headlines worldwide after flying from England to New Zealand (an even longer journey).

When the wheels of her airplane touched down in New Zealand, Jean Batten claimed that it was the greatest moment of her life and this in turn proves to the world that one should indeed never give up no matter what the odds.

Google on its blog sent out a message to everyone at the end of the post, "Today we celebrate what would have been this pioneering pilot’s 107th birthday with a reminder to fly fiercely towards our boldest dreams."


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