It's not official, but Google Assistant can respond to some Hindi voice commands

Update: Google has responded with a statement saying that Google Assistant (GA) does not officially support Hindi language input yet. While GA is able to respond to some Hindi voice commands, it's only doing so by translating the commands to English. The app cannot yet respond in Hindi. Google's complete statement reads: "The Google Assistant on Android phones and iPhones is currently available in English in India, built for English input but supporting a few selected Hindi queries. While we've launched the Hindi Google Assistant on Allo, it's not available on phones yet. We are looking to bring the Assistant experience to more Indian languages over time."

It’s not official yet, but it certainly seems like Google Assistant can finally parse Hindi commands.

The Google Assistant Logo

The Google Assistant Logo

Google Assistant is an AI assistant that is installed by default on all Android phones. The Assistant responds to voice commands and text input, performing various tasks, such as managing phone settings, getting the latest news and responding to trivia.

Until now, Assistant was limited to English and a handful of other languages. However, new reports from The Android Soul and Android Police confirm that finally, we can communicate with Assistant in our national language. The only catch is that currently, it only appears to be responding to voice input and not text input.

To use the feature, simply ensure that you’re using an Android phone and that your default language is set to English (India). If your phone can access Assistant, it will now respond to your Hindi voice commands. We've tried it out on our devices and Hindi is definitely supported.

As far as we can tell, the support isn’t official and hasn’t yet been announced.

In related news, Google is testing Russian language support for the Assistant. This is evident from the fact that Google now supports ‘Actions’ in Russian to their apps.

Updated Date: Jan 31, 2018 14:19 PM