Google+ app for Android, iOS updated

Google, yesterday rolled out an update across to its Google+ application for Android, as well as iOS users.

Google rolled out an update for its Google+ application for Android and iOS platforms yesterday. The updated Google+ app for Android now allows Google+ users to view, post, and comment from their mobiles. Using 'Find people', users can discover people and topics more easily. Above all, the new homescreen widget has been redesigned. 

Google+ app for Android, iOS updated

Updated app for Android has a redesigned home screen widget



Using the Google+ app for Android, users can view the content in a magazine style layout in the new tablet version. They can also automatically share photos to an Event using the Party Mode. With mobile Hangouts, users can initiate Video chats with up to nine friends. Users also have the option of getting started with an Instant Upload to sync photos from their phone to a private Google+ album. On the 'What’s Hot' stream, users can view what are the trending topics. Also included is the ability to view the Nearby stream to see what people near the user's location have going on. 


Download the Google+ app for Android here


iOS users too have an updated Google+ app waiting for them. The updated version (v3.2) supports the iPhone 5 as well as the latest version of the iOS -- iOS 6. Google+ page owners can view, post, and comment. The updated app for iOS users offers them the ability to edit posts. The Google+ app for iOS users is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. To use the app, one would require a device running iOS 5.0 or later. The updated Google+ app for iOS users further offers the ability to search for people and posts on the iPad. 

iPhone app

Users can view, post and comment from mobile



Using the Google+ app, iOS users can use the new iPad-optimised layout, which promises to your stream to life. Users can share photos directly to Events for all their friends to enjoy. Like the Android version of the app, the iOS version allows video chatting with up to nine friends using mobile Hangouts. 


Likewise, they can turn on Instant Upload feature to sync photos from their phone to a private Google+ album. Users can chat with a friend or all their friends at once using the Messenger on their phone. The 'What’s Hot' stream displays popular posts. The 'Nearby' stream allows users to see what people near their location are saying. The 'Devices with Retina Display' option allows users to view vibrant, high-resolution images. 

iPad app

What's Hot stream displays the popular posts



Download the Google+ app for iOS here


Type on your mobile browser, and you will see that the Google homepage now has a new look. Among the first things to catch the eye is the side button at the top left corner. Tap on it, and it pulls down a vertical side bar on your mobile screen. In an official blog post Google says that the sidebar has been introduced to let users access their choice of Google products -- Search, News, Images, Maps, etc quickly and easily. For those who have already upgraded to Google+, the new look means that you will also be able to view notifications at the top right corner of the screen, and the share button. On the whole, the homepage now looks noticeably uncluttered.

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