Gmail for Android 4.2 may have pinch-to-zoom, swipe-to-delete gestures

Google may be readying an update for Gmail for Android as well, which will be version number 4.2. In this update, Google is speculated to bring in very useful features...

Google has recently updated its Google+ app for Android as well as iOS devices. The search giant has also brought in a variety of handy features to the updated version of Google Drive for Android devices. Google may be readying an update for Gmail for Android as well, which will be version number 4.2. In this update, Google is speculated to bring in very useful features such as pinch-to-zoom, and swipe-to-delete or swipe-to-archive.

As per an exclusive report by Android Police“We are thrilled to share some exciting news about the next version of Gmail for Android. We may or may not be in possession of an unreleased version of Gmail, which may or may not have come from an LG Nexus system dump. One thing I am sure of is we definitely have video of it.”


The handset used in the video is the Galaxy Nexus. In the video we can see the pinch-to-zoom feature and the swipe to delete/ archive feature. In the 46-second long video, you can see the major updates come to light. These features may not be limited to the upcoming Android 4.2, but are likely to work on Android v4.1 as well, as the mobile phone is running on the latter OS.

Shedding some light on the new updates, Amadeo states, “The about screen says it's Gmail version 4.2. Besides pinch zoom, the other major new feature is "swipe to archive/delete," which, just like a notification, will let you swipe away messages from your inbox. Gmail has made this feature nice and configurable; digging through the options will let you change your swipes to "No effect" "Archive or delete" or "Always Delete." The default, "Archive or delete," will archive swiped messages when you're in the inbox, delete swiped messages when you're in All Mail or Sent, and remove a label when you're in a label-only view.”

The author goes on to state that he isn’t allowed to share the APK but Android Police is working on getting the required permissions to share it.

In early August, Google has updated its Gmail application for Android users. The update applies to devices running Ice Cream Sandwich OS and above and features improvised support for 7-inch tablets. The app includes bug fixes and performance improvements too. It is available for download on the Google Play store. Gmail is a popular and widely used e-mail service. The Gmail app for Android allows users to manage multiple accounts, view and save attachments and set up label notifications.

The updated Google+ app for Android now allows Google+ users to view, post, and comment from their mobiles. Using 'Find people', users can discover people and topics more easily. The new homescreen widget has been redesigned as well.

Using the Google+ app for Android, users can view the content in a magazine style layout in the new tablet version. They can also automatically share photos to an Event using the Party Mode. With mobile Hangouts, users can initiate Video chats with up to nine friends. Users also have the option of getting started with an Instant Upload to sync photos from their phone to a private Google+ album. On the 'What’s Hot' stream, users can view what are the trending topics. Also included is the ability to view the Nearby stream to see what people near the user's location have going on. 

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