Gmail Derailed in China

Google's popular mail service has hit a roadblock in China.

Google’s popular mail service has hit a roadblock in China. The government there, is probably not happy with the existence of the mail service, and has, as per Google’s allegations blocked the service off.


Gmail Derailed in China




The search engine giant has looked for all possible glitches on its end and hasn’t found any. Apparently, according to Google, the Chinese government, has very smartly blocked the services and has washed its hands off it.

The anti–democratic Chinese government has always had its grip of the Internet usage freedom in the country very firm. Post the pro–democratic outbursts in the country, everyone believed that the noose would loosen up, but, looking at the current line of events, the Chinese government doesn’t seem to be in a relenting mood.

A while ago, the search engine giant had relocated its mail services to a more control free Hong Kong. This move was a result of a series of hacking instances led by seasoned Chinese hackers. Only this time, it’s the government that’s the hand rocking the cradle. The move to relocate, too, was faced with sharp criticism of the government.

As of today, the government retains its ability to block popular websites. Many like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube have all been hit by the communist axe.