From Rollable Phones to AR Advancements, OPPO Inno Day 2020 Dazzles With Tech Innovations

With Inno Day 2020, OPPO has not only brought forth some amazing concepts, but also helped people visualize how and what a truly connected world will look like.


Smart Device company, OPPO is known for pushing the best technology on its smartphones and smart devices – brand after brand, year after year. For those who’re curious about what OPPO plans to bring to its product portfolio, the best indication came at the first-ever Inno Day held last year. Keeping up with the tradition, OPPO has introduced new features and technology at Inno Day 2020 that has already dazzled tech mavens with its motto to ‘Leap Into The Future’.
Inno Day 2020 has already caught global attention with three new concept products announced by OPPO, namely OPPO AR Glass 2021, OPPO CybeReal AR application and OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset. The event received immense recognition from industry stalwarts as well, with #OPPOINNODAY20 trending at the top spots, even after the event ended, and many appreciation posts pouring in from all quarters. If you missed watching the event, check out all the highlights in this hands-on tour video:

How OPPO Always Stays Ahead of The Curve
Every new technology sees an introduction and a discovery phase in its lifecycle, and wearable tech is no different. Over the years, we have seen a wave of such devices and technologies hit the market- right from a Google Glass to a HoloLens2. And now with the introduction of 5G to the mix, it will open the gates for many use cases never imagined before. However, these advancements don’t come without costs, including the literal price that consumers have to pay for something that they might not be able to use immediately (or even in the near future, in some cases). But OPPO’s stalwarts have consistently solved for that issue, by coming up with innovations, insights, creativity and pioneering research efforts to not just give us a glimpse of our connected future, but also let us experience it in the flesh.
Which is why, OPPO’s latest innovation philosophy is also solely focused on “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.” Using a unique 3+N+X technology strategy to further human ambitions with tech by its side, OPPO is not only going to unleash a slew of tech advancements, but also keep honing its existing expertise, and continue being the tech differentiator that it is. Right from AI, multimedia, interconnectivity, to security and privacy, camera enhancements and flash charge technology OPPO’s long-term development plans are definitely going to empower people to unleash their imagination of the future, and get the best out of their lives.
A Never-Ending Streak of User-Centric Innovations
Two years ago, OPPO brought to us a pop-up camera on its Find X device. The innovation provided a unique solution for a full screen experience, and made many brands move their efforts in that area. Later on, the company delivered another perfect shot in the form of 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge, which is now the gold standard for all leading smartphone brands in the world. And with the rollable phone showcased this year at #OPPOINNODAY20, OPPO nailed it once again in an era where most brands are still trying to perfect the foldable display technology. In addition, with the launch of OPPO’s 5G enabled Find X2 Series, the company is bullish on further innovations in IoT, which goes on to show its continued dedication to developing more human-centred technology.


OPPO’s mission of designing user-driven devices best showed itself in the three top concept products launched during Inno Day 2020. The OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset promises to shake things up in the world of smartphone technology. A result of the company’s research and development into flexible displays, the handset allows users to adjust the size of the display, whose OLED screen measures between 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches, based on actual needs.

The rollable handset is one of OPPO’s biggest bets and will surely pay off with its focus on user experience, as well as prudent usage of its innovative proprietary technology. The AR Glass 2021, on the other hand, is a shining new beacon for the wearables space that would be available to see and experience soon. By adopting a brand-new split design, OPPO AR Glass 2021 is the perfect example of the company’s ‘leap in the future’ motto. With its compact, ultra-light feature and the Birdbath optical solution, it is going to alter the meaning of AR, and enhance the immersive experience for users like never before.

And finally, the CybeReal AR application merges navigation and entertainment, and bridges the boundaries between the digital and the real world. This would help users in various aspects like navigation, information regarding stores and their activities, and even introduction to local attractions or landmarks. Simply put, users can just open the camera through an app, which will allow them to see information regarding their surroundings in real time.

Not only this, adding another feather to its innovation, OPPO will be introducing the Full-path Color Management System, the very first Android color management system that supports the full DCI-P3 wide gamut and 10-bit color depth from capture, storage, and display. This will deliver an outstanding viewing experience to users with its authentic and accurate color reproduction. What’s more, all of us will have access to this tech with the OPPO Find X3 series in 2021. OPPO doesn’t just promise futuristic concept innovations, it is perhaps the only brand that also delivers.


Not Just Smartphones
As the adoption of 5G and AI ramp up, intelligent connectivity is increasingly within our reach. OPPO has always believed that while the concept of connection is the foundation for all tech developments, integration and convergence of things is where the future lies. OPPO has been more than just a phone maker; its innovations have always been a gateway to deliver diverse gamut of technological services that will unlock the future of tech and human interactions to a whole new level. With Inno Day 2020, the brand has not only brought forth some amazing concepts, but also helped people visualize how and what a truly connected world will look like.

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